How Do You Spend Your Time As A Business Owner? [infographic]

manage time for business ownersAs a small business owner, you’re always in short supply of just about everything.  You wear a dozen different hats, have the ability to worry about 5 things at the same time, and you're still able to display an ear to ear smile when a customer walks through your door.

There are lots of things we could use more of, but the most precious thing we seem to always be in short supply of is our time.  If you feel like a mouse running in a wheel, take comfort in knowing that most small business owners feel the same way. Survey after survey of small business owners shows that time is the one asset that is always in short supply.

Don’t you miss the days when you worked for someone else and you had to stretch (look busy) your work out so it could fit into an 8 hour day?  As a business owner, you never have enough time.  For a business owner, Parkinson's Law does not apply because we just don't have any time to give.

If you’re curious about how your fellow business owners spend their time, the struggles they have, and the many hats they must wear,  check out this neat infographic on Time by Maven Link.

time management for small business owners

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