Edgerank – The Facebook Algorithm Nobody Knows About [infographic]

Did you know that when you post something on Facebook, the vast majority of your audience won't see it?  It's not that they won't be logged in to see your post, it's that it'll never even show up in their news feed.

Enter Edgerank

If you're like most people on Facebook, you've never realized that Facebook uses an algorithm to determine which one of your friends or fans will see your post.  And unless you're absolutely hilarious on Facebook and people hang on to your every word, the number is quite small.  On average, only about 16% of your friends and fans will see a given status update you post.

If Facebook didn't create a filtering system for your news feed, it would quickly be hijacked by your old friend from high school (we all have one) that likes to document their morning bathroom routines via detailed postings every morning.  Facebook tries to serve you relevant news using 3 things:

Affinity – The relationship and interaction history you have with your friend or fan. Do they consistently Like and Share your updates?

Weight – Facebook gives greater weight to certain types of posts over others

Time Decay – As a post gets older, it's value starts to decline

Check out the infographic below, courtesy of GetPostRocket.com for a great explanation of what Edgerank is, as well as some great tips for getting your next status update to go viral.

How to get more likes on your Facebook fan page

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