FAQ 3Bug Media

If you are interested in working with 3Bug Media, please read our FAQ below to learn more about us and to determine if we would be a good fit for your business.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2007.  We originally worked exclusively with franchises but over the years have expanded to include all types of businesses across North America.  We currently have offices in Toronto, Ontario and Charlotte, NC and have a lot of experience working with U.S. companies expanding into the Canadian market and vice versa.  We have been a Google Certified Partner agency since they started the program as well as a partner agency with SharpSpring, which is the marketing automation software we offer and specialize in.

What types of services do you offer?

We specialize in creating 360 online marketing plans that use a blend of search engine optimization, targeted advertising and conversion rate optimization to generate traffic and leads for our clients.  We also offer consulting and team training for companies with in-house resources looking to execute online marketing strategies.

In what geographic areas do you serve clients?

We currently only service clients in the U.S. and Canada, unless you are a foreign company looking to expand into one of these markets.

Who would be a good fit for 3Bug Media?

  • Companies looking to transition from traditional advertising to a comprehensive online marketing strategy
  • Companies that want to develop lead generation campaigns using online marketing
  • Franchises and businesses with multiple locations or looking to expand into new markets
  • Companies looking to do cross-border expansion into Canada and vice-versa
  • Retail stores looking to expand or create an e-commerce component to their business
  • Local businesses that want to aggressively increase market share in their area

How much do you charge for your services?

Costs are determined by industry, market and competitions, as well as the scope of the work, which varies from client to client.  Costs can range from several hundred dollars a month to several thousand, depending on the factors above.

Do you outsource work to 3rd party or overseas companies?

Nope.  Everything is handled in-house.

Do you make people sign contracts?

No.  We do not make you sign contracts, if you are unhappy with our work, you are free to leave anytime.

I am interested in learning more, how can I get started?

You can fill out our contact form here to get started.  From there we can schedule an initial phone call to learn more about each other, answer any questions and to determine next steps.