Pay Per Click Advertising Service Charlotte

The Most Cost Effective Advertising Around

As a business owner, it’s vital to have a steady stream of new customers. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a powerful way of maintaining this stream, by spreading awareness of your business and increasing the amount of qualified leads to your website.

In short, PPC is an online advertising model where your business is advertised on other websites, commonly search engines, and you pay a small fee every time an internet user clicks on the ad that leads to your website. This is a quick and affordable way to increase traffic to your website – and you only pay for when users click through to your website. Plus, you decide on the budget you set each month and receive advanced analytical data showing you the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

Most Pay Par Click Advertising Falls Into The Following Areas:

Search Ads – Text based advertising you typically see when you perform a search in Google or Bing, though there are other platforms to advertise as well.  In simple terms, if someone searches for “plumbers in Charlotte” and you are a plumber bidding on that term, the person searching may see your text ad when they view the search results.  Very targeted and very effective.

Display Ads – These are typically image based banner ads you see on various websites.  They can also be video based ads or animated graphics.  Advertisers such as Google create partnerships with thousands of 3rd party websites where they are allowed to show relevant banners and videos that are relevant to the topic of that website.  In short, if someone is on a real estate website, you as a real estate agent can show your banner ads to the person viewing that website.

Remarketing – Ever visit a website and then for the next month, they seem to be all over the internet?  Yes, that’s remarketing.  When someone visits your website, you can tag that visitor and advertise directly to them with targeted advertising as they search the internet.  It’s very effective and has one of the highest ROI’s out of all PPC advertising.

Social Media – Most major social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all have forms of PPC advertising available for businesses.  Since social media platforms know a lot more about their visitors than a typical website, they can offer laser targeted advertising for even the smallest budgets.

3BugMedia can set up an efficient and cost-effective PPC campaign that works for you and your budget. We’ll create the ads, optimize them and handle the budget so you can focus on your business.