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SEO: How To Rank Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pages in Google

When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most businesses don't really think that much about SEO because Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes and goes so quickly that most businesses really just focus on quick promotions like online advertising and traditional forms of advertising like print ads, direct mail, etc. But SEO can […]

Local SEO: How Many Citations Do I Need?

Transcript Below Today I'm going to answer a common question I get in regards to local SEO from students in my Local SEO course, how many citations do I need? And I get this question a lot because it's not very clear, because when it comes to citations, you can literally get thousands and thousands […]

5 Reasons Your Advertising Isn’t Working

Most businesses say that finding effective advertising platforms for their business is one of the most confusing, and frustrating parts of having their own business.  On the surface, advertising seems pretty straight forward but you quickly realize there is a lot more involved in running a successful advertising campaign. Marketing and advertising made perfect sense […]

5 Types of Content Every Small Business Should Be Writing About

Writing has a lot of value, both for you and your business.  Writing helps bring clarity to your thoughts and makes you a better communicator in general.  Writing content for your website also serves an important marketing purpose and can bring in a steady stream of potential customers from Google, social media, email marketing, or wherever else you decide to share you content.