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5 Reasons Your Advertising Isn’t Working

Most businesses say that finding effective advertising platforms for their business is one of the most confusing, and frustrating parts of having their own business.  On the surface, advertising seems pretty straight forward but you quickly realize there is a lot more involved in running a successful advertising campaign. Marketing and advertising made perfect sense […]

5 Types of Content Every Small Business Should Be Writing About

Writing has a lot of value, both for you and your business.  Writing helps bring clarity to your thoughts and makes you a better communicator in general.  Writing content for your website also serves an important marketing purpose and can bring in a steady stream of potential customers from Google, social media, email marketing, or wherever else you decide to share you content.

5 Lead Generation Mistakes Contractors Make

Most contracting companies rely heavily on lead generation, especially online lead generation through their website and various other properties like Google My Business. Since a single project can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, a single lead is very valuable in the home improvement space.

A Guide To Marketing Automation for Small Business

Do you ever wish you could know, besides a “gut feeling”, that your marketing efforts are working? Are you failing to connect the dots between your marketing campaigns and company revenue? You're not alone.  Trying to track revenue all the way back to the lead source is very difficult, even for businesses that pay close attention […]

How To Determine Success For An SEO Campaign

SEO is one of those things that most people have heard of but don't understand how it really works.  And since SEO can be costly as it is labor and time intensive to do right, a business can spend a lot of money on an SEO campaign and still not understand if it is actually […]

InVideo: The Best Video Creator Software For Your Money

If you look at your Facebook stream or check your Instagram feed, you'll see that video has dominated the social media scene. More and more business are turning to video as a core part of their marketing strategy, and for good reason. 72% of consumers would like to learn about a new product or service […]

The 3 Things To Focus On For Exponential Business Growth

When it comes to growing their business, most business owners tend to think in terms of incremental growth with a linear thought process. Growing your business 5% or 10% a year is great, but won't fundamentally change much about your business. This type of thinking does create growth, but usually small growth at best. And acquiring new customers is usually the only strategy in place to produce this growth.