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The 3 Things To Focus On For Exponential Business Growth

When it comes to growing their business, most business owners tend to think in terms of incremental growth with a linear thought process. Growing your business 5% or 10% a year is great, but won't fundamentally change much about your business. This type of thinking does create growth, but usually small growth at best. And acquiring new customers is usually the only strategy in place to produce this growth.

Why Every Small Business Should Be Doing Video Marketing

If you are a small business owner and not incorporating video into your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a big opportunity.  The fact is that video is exploding as a content medium.  Most brands and large companies are focusing their efforts on video when it comes to online marketing.  But for the average […]

Daily Motivation-Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn (September 17, 1930 – December 5, 2009) is often seen as the founding father of the modern personal development movement.  Tony Robbins mentored under him in the late 70's and many others, like Jack Canfield (the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) and Brian Tracy, credit his influence to their success.  I have read […]

5 Signs Your Business Is On a Road To Nowhere

Do you feel like you're getting nowhere with your business? Have you lost momentum and now feel like you're just spinning your wheels? In your first year or two of business, the enthusiasm is high, optimism is at its peak, and you can overcome most obstacles with sheer will.  That first year is awesome, scary […]

How To Optimize Your Contact Page For Conversions

Your contact page is one of the most important conversion pages on your website. Most people view the Contact page as an afterthought, a page people visit to fill out a form or get your phone number. What they don't realize is that many people go to a contact page with the intent of contacting you but stop for one reason or another.

Why Announcing Your Personal Goals May Be A Bad Idea

Almost every business article you read about goal setting suggests that you tell anyone and everyone what your personal goals are. The reasoning is that the more people that know your goals, the more people you need to prove to that you can actually carry out that goal. Having lots of people who are ready to laugh at you when you don't reach your goals sounds like a great motivator for staying on track.