How Real Estate Agents Can Generate Leads Using Sales Funnels

How Real Estate Agents Can Generate Leads Using Sales Funnels

Real Estate Sales Funnels – Learn how to create a top converting sales funnel for your real estate business.

Creating an online sales funnel is how you will generate leads and new clients for your real estate business. In this video, I show you how to create an easy but powerful real estate sales funnel that will generate new leads for your real estate business.

How Real Estate Agents Can Generate Leads Using a Sales Funnel

Most real estate agents do not do a very good job when it comes to generating leads online. Traditional marketing practices like touting your sales numbers, experience, and number of homes sold just do not work online. As a real estate agent, you need to be able to build trust with a total (and skeptical) prospect and demonstrate to them that you are the right person to buy or sell their home.

Using a simple real estate sales funnel (you can create it in a day), you'll now have a reliable way to generate more leads online and I outline a sample template you can use to create your own real estate marketing-sales funnel.

The purpose of creating this real estate sales funnel is to show demonstrate your value to that person and to give them a risk-free of trying you out and what you have to offer.  Landing real estate clients takes time and an online funnel like this helps to ease people into a relationship with you.  This real estate sales funnel is made up of the following:

1 – Landing Page

This is a simple landing page since we are only asking for a first name and email address at this point.  You can make this landing page on your website or depending on your email marketing software, can create your landing page there.  The landing page is simply going to offer your “lead magnet” (see below) and allow people to get instant access in exchange for their email address.

In marketing will call something like this a “small ask”.  Since they do not know or trust you yet, we cannot just ask them to let us be their real estate agent, we need to start small and start building trust.

2 – Lead Magnet

The lead magnet is what we are going to offer for free in exchange for their email address.  A lead magnet is typically something that a person finds valuable and solves a specific problem for that person.  It's valuable enough where they are more than willing to provide an email address in exchange for it.

I like to use something simple but practical for my lead magnets.  Something with utility where someone can print it off and write on it.  A checklist or template fills this role and is easy to create as it's usually only 1-2 pages in length.

Lead magnets that I've used in the past for real estate clients are buyer and seller checklists, a great way for a buyer or seller to ensure they have everything in place for their upcoming home transaction.  For buyers, a branded, printable form that they can bring when they view homes.  It's so easy to forget what kitchen you liked or the bathroom with the ugly wallpaper when you spent hours visiting a half dozen homes.  A form like this lets them write notes for each home on what they liked and didn't like…..and it's branded with your business.

3 – Thank You Page (And Your Offer)

This is where a person gets redirected to after they submit the form with their email address.  A thank you page is not just to say thanks, it's to introduce yourself to that person and to also let them know what your real offer is, your offer to help them by doing customized research for their home buying or selling.  This is also where you will have the link so they can download your lead magnet offer.  This is the first step in creating trust and a relationship with them and to let them know you are ready to start doing some legwork and research for them.

The lead magnet on the landing page is the “foot in the door” offer but once you get their attention you can now start offering even more value to them by offering to do customized research that they may not have access to but you do a licensed real estate agent with access to the MLS.

I find a video of you thanking them and giving a short intro about yourself helps in building the rapport faster than just a text-based thank you but both will work.  The most important thing on this thank you page though is to let them know you are ready and willing to do even more work for them.

4 – Autoresponder Emails

Once someone signs up for your email list, got their lead magnet and also your than you message with an offer, you will now set an automated followup to stay top of mind and to slowly start the relationship building process.  How long you want to make this automated email sequence is up to you, but I would start with at least 3 emails.

The first email should be sent right away and should pretty much be a carbon copy of what is on your thank you page, including the link to your lead magnet offer as well as your real offer, which is to start doing more customized research for them so you can start the relationship building process.

The emails after that should be a followup on how they are enjoying the lead magnet and if they have questions or need help with it.  You should also reiterate your offer to do more custom research for them.

Your emails after that should be based around providing value to the home buying or selling process, whichever you are creating this sales funnel for, and should continually remind them of your offer to provide even more value for them by doing custom research.

Contact 3BugMedia to learn how we can help build an online funnel for your real estate business.

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