Hello Fax: Sign and Fax Documents Without Printing


Fax machines just do not want to go away. Even though technological advances have brought the world email, cloud based file sharing services and communication platforms such as Skype, many businesses still use their fax machines on a daily basis. If your business is trying to move towards a paperless office  but many of your customers or vendors are still relying on their trusty fax machine for communications, then what do you do? While there are several cloud based faxing options available, today we will be discussing a service called Hello Fax.


HelloFax is a easy to use web service that lets you fax a document to any fax number in the US. After signing up and activating your account via an email verification, you are ready to start faxing. You then upload your document and enter the fax number of the recipient. You can also enter the email address of the recipient in case you want to email the document through HelloFax.

Signing the documents is also possible. You can specify a signature through your mouse or laptop’s touchpad. This signature can be used on the documents you fax.

Add Your Signature A Mouse or Upload It From Your Computer Or Smartphone


Hello Fax offers some great features like:

  • Edit & Sign Documents on HelloFax without having to print the document
  • You do not need a printer, scanner or fax. No software to install.
  • It's an easy to use web based service allowing you to send a fax from anywhere
  • Fax documents to a fax machine or email
  • You can try your first five faxes free, earning more if you refer a friend
  • No Contract, pay month to month and stop anytime

Sending A Fax Is Simple


1- Add the email or fax # you would like to send the document to
2- Upload your document

Add Your Signature


You can use a mouse or laptop's touchpad to write your signature or upload it as an image file. The drag and drop interface makes it easy to move your signature to the appropriate spot on the document.

Send and Your Done!


It's that easy! Finally there is a simple way to bridge the gap between fax machines and modern technology. The best part about Hello Fax is the ability to sign and send documents without having to print them out and manually sign them. For a person who does not own a fax machine, it definatly beats trying to find the local Kinkos to send documents.Give Hello Fax a try, it's free for your first five faxes and can potentially save you alot of time if you frequently have to sign and fax documents for your business.

*Update: Hello Fax has announced that they will integrate directly with Google Drive, allowing you to fax directly from Google Drive.  Sweet!


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