5 Awesome Examples Of Using Videos For Business

Funny-Cat-Video-MemeAre you using video as a marketing tool for your business?  If not, you may be missing the virtual marketing boat.

Video as a marketing tool is nothing new.  What is new is the explosion of the way people view and create videos online.  Increased bandwidth and phones that can shoot high definition video have created a new revolution when it comes to consuming video online.

Studies have shown that consumers are more engaged when their are visuals incorporated in the medium they are consuming, whether it's your website or on social media.

There are lots of ways to incorporate video in your marketing mix.  The hardest part is getting past the hesitation of getting in front of a camera, though as you'll see, there are lots of different ways to get started without you having to be the face in front of the camera.

Check out these 5 examples of how businesses are rocking out using video, maybe it'll spark an idea for you and your business.

Dollar Shave Club

This video from DollarShaveClub.com is funny. The video may be a little edgy for some consumers, but it works perfectly because it isn't made for everyone, it's for their customer demographic, guys.  They don't take themselves too seriously (or at all) and the video does a great job connecting with their audience, as you can see by the number of YouTube views which currently stands at over 10 million.


This animation short from Chipotle uses no dialogue except an awesome Willie Nelson version of Cold Play's, Back To The Start.  In 2 minutes it tells a stirring story of what makes Chipotle different from other fast food restaurants.  Part of the Chipotle brand is serving “Food with integrity“, and this video nails it.  While animation shorts can be costly, you can still make a fantastic one for a few thousand bucks or less.

Choice Lunch

This California company that provides healthy school lunches for children has a great video explaining what they do and what their mission is.  It's a professionally produced video that perfectly captures what their company is all about.  If your business has a mission that deeply resonates with your audience, a video like this can do more than text on a screen could ever do.

Choice Lunch from Brett Eichenberger on Vimeo.


Here's a good example of an “Explainer Video”.  An explainer video is a short video that shows potential customers how they can use your service as well as how they will benefit from it.  This video is under 1:30 minutes and replaces about 2,000 words of boring text that would have been needed to explain the same thing.  Expaliner videos should be short, somewhat entertaining, and they should do a great job of explaining how your service works.  These are usually less expansive than animated short videos, they can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on length and work involved.


A great way to use video on your business website is to use customer testimonial videos.  While some small businesses use customer testimonial videos, most do them totally wrong, making them look like an interrogation scene from Guantanamo Bay.  Testimonial videos should be short, energetic, and to the point.  This example from Wistia (great site for hosting video) shows you how to create customer testimonial videos in a fun and engaging way.

There are lots of ways to incorporate video

So here are 5 great examples of how you can start incorporating video into your marketing mix.  Some can be low cost, even using your mobile phone to shoot the video, others can be more expensive and time consuming.  The point is that there are numerous ways to incorporate video, a lot more than what's listed here.  Get a head start on your competition and start shooting some video today!

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