Why Employers Should Strongly Consider Applicants Who Blog

I cannot stress this enough: blogging can help students become the person they've always wanted to becomeemployed. I know, I know. I sound a bit dramatic. After all, how can blogging play such a significant role in determining someone's career, especially if their true aspirations have nothing to do with writing? It may seem silly but I whole-heartedly believe that the skills I've acquired through my many years as a freelance writer and blogger in college has actually made me one of the most “hirable” candidates in my field of work—at least that's what all of my employers tell me.

If you're looking to employ some fresh-out-of-school talent, one of the questions you should ask during the interview is whether he or she blogs. A recreational blogger can possess many additional qualities that can help your business flourish. To learn how, continue reading below.

Bloggers have Strong Grammar Skills

One of the more obvious benefits of blogging is that it helps people master their grammar and spelling skills—after all, practice makes perfect and the more someone writes the more he or she is able to learn how to structure sentences and reduce spelling errors. This alone should prove to you that this applicant has strong communication skills and that he or she knows how to express themself—traits that every great leader must possess.

Bloggers Learn How Deal with Criticism

Bloggers learn early on that not every one of their readers is going to agree with everything they have to say or write—that's just part of life. But how he or she deals with those negative comments can give you some better insight into how he or she will respond to constructive criticism in the workplace. You want someone who won't explode when given direction.

Bloggers are Effective Researchers

In order to write accurate content for their blogs, bloggers must master their research skills in order to come up with story ideas as well as use authoritative sources like studies and surveys found in journals and news sites. An effective researcher can really help with marketing efforts and other areas that need some deeper digging.

Bloggers are More Tech Savvy

Last but certainly not least, bloggers are generally more tech savvy. They usually know how HTML coding works, they're familiar with uploading files, and they definitely know how to work their way around a computer. Thus a blogger will need very little training (if any) in the tech sector. This means you won't waste alot of time getting them trained when it comes to the tech stuff.

How do you feel about blogging?  Do you think someone who actively blogs would make a better candidate for your business?

This is a guest post by Lisa Sinopoli, a lifelong resident of Toronto and your friendly neighborhood Vaughan Real Estate Agent




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