Types of Software Solutions for Small Business

Don’t let the size of your business fool you, tasks like accounting and inventory management are best handled by software designed for that purpose.  The amount of things you have on your plate, as a small business owner is overwhelming enough as it is without counting everything by hand all the time and errors can be devastating.  Why not make life a whole lot easier by outfitting your company with the right kind of software to free up your human talents and those of your staff for things that computers can’t do—like quality customer service, marketing and sales.

Here are a couple of kinds of software you may want to consider for your business:


  • Ecommerce Software

Though this isn’t the kind of software a brick and mortar business needs, most businesses these days have a website.  And if you’re doing any online sales, you’ll want to be armed with general ecommerce software to help keep track of it all online.


  • Logistics Software

The world of global commerce requires a great deal of shipping and things can get pretty complicated.  Solid logistics software can help keep track of the multiple shipping partners involved especially if you’re importing goods from international sources and exporting to international destinations.


  • Supply Chain Management Software

In today’s world of multiple sources, offsite production and manufacturing portions require a complex network of ‘channel partners’ to get a final product under your label. If the ball gets dropped somewhere you need to know immediately and supply chain management software can help you keep tabs on everyone involved to prevent or at the very least warn you about hold ups.


  • Shopping Cart Software

If you have an ecommerce website, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right kind of shopping cart software to service your customer purchases.  Shopping cart software creates a real time page for every use that is fueled with up to date inventory and calculates taxes and shipping costs for the customer.  It doesn’t have to be complex or expensive, just user friendly, accurate and suitable for your site and possible company growth.


  • Inventory Management Software

An accurate and up to date count on your inventory is an absolute must.  There is no quicker way to lose a customer than saying you’ll be able to fulfill an order and then taking back those words in exchange for a ‘sorry we’re out of that, our records show we have it in stock, but for some reason we can’t find it.’  The sale is lost and the customer will go elsewhere.


  • Accounting Software

Chances are, if you’re a small business you don’t employ a full time accountant to do your books and even if you do they’ll need infallible software to keep track of things.  There’s nothing sadder than money lost due to poor book keeping when there are plenty of quality and easy to use accounting software options on the market.


A small investment in the right kinds of software to help make your life easier and your business run smoothly is totally worth it in the long run.  Read a few reviews and be honest about the size, tech capabilities of your staff and prospective growth of your company and get what you need to succeed.



Carolyn is a guest post blogger who writes about business software solutions for any sized business to help with everything from inventory management to supply chain management. 

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    The types of software solutions for small business that you shared were great.The Accounting Software is interesting.I’ll research more about this.Thanks for sharing.

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