The Real Story Of The Movie Rocky

Here's a the real story of the movie rocky small businesslittle inspiration for you small business owners who can sometimes feel overwhelmed, frustrated and sometimes even doubtful of your own abilities to run a successful business. Every business owner goes through these emotions, just like riding a roller coaster, you have to take the stomach drops along with the thrills.

Everybody knows about and has seen the movie Rocky. And just about everyone has left the movie theater throwing jabs and uppercuts in the air, inspired by the guts and determination of Rocky Balboa. Did you know that the “real” story of how Sylvestor Stallone came about creating the movie Rocky is actually more inspiring than the movie? Tony Robbins tells a great story about Sylvestor Stallone, you can listen to the audio below.


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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    His story is inspiring. I guess great determination will really lead you to success like he did. By the way, great site!

  2. Martin
    Martin says:

    Tony was so funny in the interview. Nonetheless, my heart was touched on the story. Being broke is definitely the worst day of your life. After hearing the story I wanted to become a good writer and become an inspiration to many people.

  3. George
    George says:

    He wrote the movie in just 20 hours based on his life experience. I was shocked when the director offered him a quarter of a million dollars for the script. That’s a huge amount of money for a simple short story. He’s so fortunate.

  4. Rick Johnson
    Rick Johnson says:

    I wonder what would be the result of the movie if Ryan O’neal played the role of “Rocky”. Well, he’s a good actor too. But I guess they really picked the perfect actor for the film. It’s like choosing a perfect niche when planning to have a business, right?

  5. JP
    JP says:

    Rocky is my favorite movie of all time. I couldn’t imagine that was the real life story of Sylvestor Stallone. He never talks about it and I never heard of it on any celebrity news.

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