Google Authorship: Standing Out In The Search Results

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Digital Marketing Agencies Encourage the Use of Google Authorship


Can your readers instantly put a face to your name? With Google Authorship, they can. This new tool is a dream solution for any digital marketing agency – it connects what you write (on your own blog or on other sites) to your Google Plus profile. Now your readers can access content you've created as well as your profile after doing a Google search, with one simple click.


The Importance of Google Authorship


SEO: In addition to getting your face highlighted within Google search results, Google Authorship can help your increase your SEO clout. While Authorship doesn't carry the same power as strong domain authority and good linking practices, you can develop an “Author Ranking” that can help boost your visibility. To get a good ranking, you have to create quality content that generates high traffic and a social buzz.


Awareness: Before Google Authorship, you had to be recognized by trend-setters or thought-leaders to make your name known in your industry. With the help of a digital marketing agency and quality content, Google Authorship can help you build name awareness before a reader even clicks on your search result link.


Reader Engagement: In addition to having great content, you have to make a connection with your readers to be successful. Google Authorship helps increase engagement and the connections between you and your audience by giving each piece of content a human element. When a person can see your face in a search result, he or she is more likely to add a comment or share your work.

Google authorship program

Benefits of Google Authorship


The “+1” button: When you have a Google Plus profile and Google Authorship setup, your content will rank higher in internet searches, especially if the person doing the searching has you in their Google Plus “circle.” By adding Google's +1 button to your site and individual posts, you make it simple for readers to tell their social media followers they like your work. Plus, the original poster can easily find similar pieces of interest, which could trigger more hits to your site.


Pleasing the Panda: Any digital marketing agency will tell you that the Panda algorithm Google uses will punish you for not posting original content because the search engine gives preference to original pieces. When you have Google Authorship, you gain the ability to claim your work. The Panda algorithm notices this, makes your site more visible and helps shut down copycats by pushing them to the bottom of the rankings.


Ripple effect: After you establish yourself as a certified author through Google Authorship, your readers can help you increase the number of people who read your articles. The idea is that readers will share your work with their own circles. Then those people will share the article with those in their respective circles. The more your content gets shared, the more visibility you'll have online. Then, when an individual who likes your content searches the web using the keywords you use, you'll rank higher in their search engine results.


Adding Google Authorship to your site is relatively simple if you know how to do basic HTML coding. Otherwise, contact a digital marketing agency to help you get started.

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