Free Website Satisfaction Surveys From Google

Want to conduct a free visitor satisfaction survey for your website?  Google is giving one to webmasters for free through it's Google Consumer Surveys product.

Google introduced Google Consumer Surveys in 2012.  Starting at .10 cents a click, It's a low cost way for businesses to conduct some pretty fast and inexpensive market research.  Now, Google has introduced Google Consumer Surveys to webmasters to conduct website satisfaction surveys on their websites for free.

How Does Google Consumer Surveys For Webmasters Work?

Each website satisfaction survey you conduct will collect 500 responses from people who visit your website and complete the 4 question survey which will sit at the bottom right hand corner of your website.  After a survey is completed, a new survey will start again 30 days after the last one is completed.  You are allowed to use the 4 standard survey questions provided, or for .01 cent per response, can create your own survey questions.

It's really simple to get started, here's how

1- Go to Google Consumer Surveys for Webmasters and sign in with your Google account.

2- Grab the snippet of code and insert it just before the closing < /head> tag on your site.

3- Complete the survey settings

  • Here you will be able to choose options like:
  • Who to show the survey to. Each visitor or only some visitors
  • Show the survey to only certain referrers or to specifically not the show the survey to certain referring traffic
  • How long to wait before showing the survey to a visitor again, depending if they complete the survey or not

Google consumer survey for webmasters

4- Choose the 4 standard survey questions for free, or create custom questions for .01 cents per response

Google consumer survey for webmasters

Google consumer survey for webmasters

Google consumer survey for webmasters

Google consumer survey for webmasters

5- Activate your survey and you are done!

It's pretty easy to setup and get started, and can provide some valuable visitor feedback for your website for free.  You have to hand it to Google, I can't think of another company that provides so many free and low cost tools to small business owners.  What do you think about adding a satisfaction survey to your website?


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