Facebook’s Custom Audiences: A Progressive Approach to Reaching Customers

Using Facebook custom audiences for your business advertising

In the old days of advertising, you just had to have faith that your advertising dollars were being used effectively.  ROI was more of a gut feeling rather than a data driven process. The internet has changed all of that with options that allow advertisers and online marketers to get their messages to specific internet users. Facebook, the number one social marketing platform with over one billion monthly active users (Facebook), has taken it one step further with its new Custom Audience Targeting which allows advertisers to direct ads to people based on email addresses, phone numbers and Facebook user IDs.

How Custom Audience Targeting Works

A Facebook Custom Audience is easy to create for most any internet user. The program is available to companies and internet marketers who use Facebook Power Editor or any third party vendor like Sales Force, AdParlor, or other similar software. Through one of these programs, they simply upload a CVS or TXT file with email addresses. Facebook mashes the list with their list of users to see how many matches there are. Once that is done, they create an ad targeted at this group or audience. That is all there is to it.

How to Use Custom Audiences

In terms of how to use Facebook custom audiences, the possibilities are endless. For most advertisers and companies, there are several popular ideas.

Drive Facebook Likes.

Most every company, product, or service has a Facebook page and works hard to drive traffic in order to generate “likes.” With custom audience targeting, they can take their email/contact lists, match them to Facebook profiles and send them an ad asking them to “like” their page. From there, they can promote offers, new products or services and more to Facebook fans as well as always be kept top of mind with current and potential customers.

Drive Sales/Conversions.

This is a great way for any company that relies on lead generation for sales to market to potential customers. By uploading email lists, they develop a custom audience with Facebook, and then create and post an ad targeted at driving leads or sales to this audience.

Use Facebook Ads to Drive In-Store Traffic.

Custom audience targeting allows advertisers to post ads directed at current and past customers. These ads feature in-store sales, special coupons, or other offer available only through this Facebook ad.

The Safety of Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook has always worked hard to keep its users' information private. With the custom audience program, when Facebook runs the uploaded list against its own hashed (encrypted) database, it discards the data so that no other information can be collected. It is important to point out that hashed data cannot be decrypted.

Custom Audience Shows Promise

Social marketing experts are excited about the potential with Facebook's Custom Audience ads. Companies using the program have seen significant increases in their conversion rates and decreases in their cost per leads or fans depending on the objectives. Facebook's Custom Audience ads definitely work and are well worth the investment.

In today's advertising world, it is more important than ever to be able to deliver measurable results to clients in a very cost efficient manner. Adding Custom Audience ads to the mix is an effective means and delivers results. 


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