Are You Prepared or Just Lucky?

“I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn't been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn't have been ‘lucky.'” ~Oprah Winfrey

The truth is, you make your own luck.  Rather, you make your own opportunities.

How many opportunity have passed your way, but you didn't see them?  You maybe you didn't see them because you weren't prepared to see them.  It's hard to see what you can't recognize.

Waiting for things to “happen” to you will always leave you at the back of the line.  Going out and “making” things happen not only gets you to the front of the line, it allows you to create your own line.  Like the great Zig Ziggler said, “there are no traffic jams on the extra mile”.

One of my favorite motivators of all time is the late Jim Rohn.  He talked a lot about opportunities, and being ready for them.  “….you never know when it's gonna happen, that one thing that turns your life around”

Prepare well before you need to.  Keep your antennas up at all times.  Create your own luck.

Jim Rohn Life Quotes

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