A Paperless Office: 5 Reasons why your business should use the cloud

Woman office worker going paperlessAs the business landscape is becoming more and more competitive, many small and medium sized businesses are beginning to look at opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competition. There are many ways to gain a competitive advantage to make a business stand out; one of the most interesting trends I have seen recently is the adoption of a paperless office.

With that said, there are many tools emerging within the industry, that are meant to specifically help businesses to share and manage their important documents through the cloud while reducing paper clutter in the office. Although an entirely paperless office is still far from possible, these tools help to create a green aspect for your business, while allowing business owners to manage and share information with clients located around the world. Today, we will look at some benefits for businesses who are adopting the idea of a paperless office, and why your business should think about going paperless.


When dealing with paper, documents can be easily damaged, misplaced, or stolen. This is why having a digital backup is essential when filing your important information. Many document management applications allow for documents to be stored on their secure servers, giving a similar security as your online banking. You are also able to authorize users to view, access, or retrieve document within the application, allowing for digital files to be much more secure than the original paper copies.


There are many document management applications available to the public, and choosing one that fits your needs is essential for your business. A good document management application gives users the ability to enhance collaboration on important documents, sometimes with just a click of a button. Many systems allow for multiple users to have access to the application simultaneously, resulting in work being completed more efficiently, and in less time. Alternatively, users are able to share specific files by emailing a secure link that brings the recipient directly into the application.


Managing and storing documents within a document management application is simple. There are a number of ways to upload documents into the application, including via email, phone, or directly through the computer. Once the document is in the application, searching and retrieving the document is just as easy! Many applications have state-of-the-art functions that allow for documents to be easily uploaded, shared, and retrieved in a matter of seconds.


One of the main features of online document management applications is the ability to view and manage documents from any location, at any time. Users are able to login to the application from any computer using their secure password. Many applications allow for multiple users to have access to the information.

Audit Trail

Businesses are able to store as many documents as necessary within the application, which offers the ability to store records for many years. Each document has a unique code that can be tracked, automatically generating an audit trail. Document management applications give businesses the opportunity to forget about their paper documents, while storing their digital files in an efficient and secure environment.

As technology grows, more and more businesses are adopting new tools to help differentiate themselves from their competition. Document management applications give businesses an opportunity to have one location that simplifies the storing, managing, and collaboration of important documents.

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This article is written by Dene Paquin, marketing strategist for LedgersOnline, a West Coast bookkeeping firm, and LedgerDocs, an online document management application that helps businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants to store, manage, and collaborate on financial information. You can find the on Twitter at @LedgersOnline and @LedgerDocs


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