How To Respond To Negative Google Reviews

How do you respond to negative reviews? Online reviews are an important part of any business and can't be ignored. The vast majority of consumers consult online reviews before purchasing from a local business.

Google Adwords: Keyword Match Types Explained

Confused about what match types you should be using in Google Adwords? In this video we discuss the different keyword match types in Google Adwords, how they are used and which ones are best when creating your Google Adwords campaigns.

How To Do a Quick and Easy Content Audit For Your Website

n this video, I show you a quick and easy way to conduct a content audit on your website. This content audit will help uncover missed opportunities as well as easy to implement content ideas that will drive your ideal customers to your website.

Easy To Create Lead Magnet Ideas

Lead magnets are one of the best ways to grow your email list and to start people in your marketing funnel. They are also something most small businesses ignore which results in them not having an effective marketing funnel that targets potential customers in all stages of the buying process.

Easy To Create Content Marketing Ideas (That Are Not Blog Posts)

In this video, I show you some creating content ideas that do not involve having to write blog posts and can bring you just as much traffic, email optins and new customers as blogging can, actually more.

How To Create a Purchase Funnel For Your Business

A purchase funnel is a powerful strategy that can create a repeatable system for generating leads and turning them into customers for your business.

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