Small Thanks With Google program

Small Thanks With Google – #SmallThanks

Google has launched a new feature for local businesses, and it's awesome.  And free!

The Small Thanks with Google campaign, using the hashtag, #SmallThanks, let's local businesses create stylized, high-resolution pdf print posters and images of their online Google reviews.  As of now, it looks like it may only be available to business in the United States.

It's a quick and easy way to put all of those 5-star Google reviews to work for you and to showcase them to potential customers.  There are lots of potential uses for these high-quality posters, here are just a few:

  • Print them and display them in your business, just like Five Guys displays their media reviews in all of their locations
  • Share them on social media
  • Use them on landing pages and advertising campaigns
  • Turn them into stickers and window clings you can place around your store
  • Include them in short promo videos
  • Display them at trade shows and other events where you have a booth


The Small Thanks with Google tool is super easy to use, here's how to get started.

#1 Go to the Small Thanks with Google page

1-small thanks with google


#2 Search for your business in the search bar.  It will automatically populate with businesses choices for you.

6-thanks with Google gif


#3 After selecting your business, you will see 3 suggested posters you can use that are ready to download.  You can also select the option at the bottom of the page and customize your own poster



#4 Here you can select your layout and select one of the suggested reviews.  It does not look like you can select from all of your reviews at this time, just the suggested ones.




#5 Once you choose your layout and suggested review, you can now customize your posters

Small thanks with Google campaign


#6 Once you are finished customizing, you can download your high-resolution file.  You can also share a link to your poster on social media.


If you want to see a sample poster click here, Sample small thanks with google pdf.  The download will be a ZIP file that will include:

  • A high-resolution PDF
  • A high-resolution PNG image
  • A welcome letter
  • A poster with suggested uses for your business.

And that's it, super easy.  There are lots of great ways to use this tool to promote your positive reviews on Google, be sure to take advantage of it.

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