A Small Business Owners Guide To Twitter

For the small business owner, learning to use Twitter is akin to learning a new language.  What's a Hashtag or a Re-Tweet?  Although Twitter may not be the best time investment for every small business owner, it can be a powerful marketing and customer relationship tool if used correctly.  Many people are using Twitter to voice their pleasure (and displeasure) for anything and everything, maybe even your business.  Twitter is definatly a large investment of your time so even if your decide not to use Twitter for your business, you should at least monitor Twitter to see if people are talking about you and your business.

Instead of writing a tutorial on how to use Twitter, the folks over at Twiends.com created an awesome, easy to understand infographic on using Twitter that will give you a great visual learning experience

how small businesses can use twitter

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CEO at 3Bug Media
Gary Shouldis is the founder of 3Bug Media, a web marketing company that helps businesses create 360 Marketing Strategies to dominate their market. His blog is read by over 20 thousand small business owners a month and has been featured in the N.Y. Times Small Business, Business Insider and Yahoo Small Business.
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  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    I love the illustration shown above. It’s very descriptive and easy to understand. I can say that it’s truly a useful beginner’s guide on how to use twitter. Definitely a great visual learning experience for me!

  2. Ben G.
    Ben G. says:

    Many people called this as “tweetbiz” or literally called as “Business in twitter.” Well, this approach is ideal if you have thousands of followers. Twitter can be also a good place to promote or start your business. You just need time to tweet and follow friends.

  3. Andy Jones
    Andy Jones says:

    I do promote my business on twitter sometimes but I’m much focusing on SEM than SMM. Tweeting is only a part time work for me. However, I do admit that Twitter helps me gain lots of customers though.

  4. Jerlyn
    Jerlyn says:

    Having a twitter account is like having a customer service department. I used Twiends to reach more people so I can share our wonderful services with them. So far so good. Our online business has been working great after creating a twitter account.

  5. Leah
    Leah says:

    Our company got 3 people checking our social networking accounts so we can be updated about our customers. This is a great investment because people are always online and very much use these sites. I will check on Twiends, thanks for sharing.

  6. Gary Shouldis
    Gary Shouldis says:

    Great to see you are using Twitter successfully. If you can figure out how to make it work, using Twitter is a very effective marketing and customer service tool.

  7. Gik Website Design
    Gik Website Design says:

    Great Info I think many small business owners get Twitter and all Social Media wrong. They think they can set up an account post a few updates and that will drive business. Its far more nuanced than that and your info-graphic will help them.

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