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SEO: How To Rank Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pages in Google

When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most businesses don't really think that much about SEO because Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes and goes so quickly that most businesses really just focus on quick promotions like online advertising and traditional forms of advertising like print ads, direct mail, etc.

But SEO can be a powerful tool that can drive high quality traffic to your Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages year after year.  And the good thing is that many of your competitors don't focus on SEO for these pages so you'll have a better chance of ranking these pages if you do it right.

Below are some tips and strategies you can use to not only rank your Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages on the first page of Google this year, but increase those rankings year after year.


Create The Pages Well Before The Holiday Season

black friday marketing tips

The first thing you want to do is to create your pages early. The earlier the better. You don't want to wait until the first week of November or even the end of October to get your pages live on your website, get your page up as early as possible to give Google time to crawl and index the page and to give you time to further optimize it for SEO so it is ranking well by the time the holidays come around.

And even if you don't have your sales finalized or have details of your event ready, you should still set up your page now. You can still optimize it and really just use it as a lead generation page. Think of it as a  generic landing page. You can have a contact form on there. You can have people opt in to your email list so they are the first to know when the sales are published.

So when Black Friday and Cyber Monday do come, you'll have a head start over your competitors who wait until the last minute to publish their pages and leave no time to rank them in Google in time for the holidays.


Use The Same Page & URL Each Year

Use the same pages and URLs each and every year.   This one is probably the most important one out of all the tips I'm going to share with you. And if you only do this, you'll be ahead of most of your competitors.

Yes = Yourwebsite[com]/black-friday. (this should be your BF URL every year)

No= Yourwebsite.[com]/blackfriday-2020/

No= Yourwebsite.[com]/blackfriday-2021/

What most businesses do for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is create a new page every year.  They create a page a few weeks before the holidays and either delete or bury the pages on their website as soon as the holidays are over.  It is very difficult to get SEO traction for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages this way as you are constantly starting from zero each year.

If you use a single page and URL each year then Google does not have to crawl and index a brand new page each year.  This static page will be given time to age and grow and get stronger.  Each year you will do more SEO, get more links and over time, these Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages will become very powerful pages when it comes to SEO and ranking in Google.

But you may say, the content changes every year, how am I supposed to use a single page?

It's easy, add your sales details to the page each year.  And once the holidays are over, revert it back to a general Black Friday or Cyber Monday landing page with an email optin form until the next holidays season is ready.  This will be a living, fluid page that you will always be updating but from an SEO perspective, it stays the same and grows stronger each year.

Just imagine you having  Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages that are several years old and have hundreds of links, while your competitors have to publish brand new pages each year with zero links or SEO strength.  Your advantage over them will get bigger each year.


Optimize Your Meta Data

black friday meta data

BF Meta Data SEO

The next one is optimize your metadata. And that's pretty easy. If you even know a little bit about SEO, you want to make sure that you optimize your Title Tag for the search term that you're trying to rank for. And you also want to optimize your meta description.  Your meta description does not have a direct impact on your rankings, but it's really important because a better description shows up in the search results and people will be able to read it

You Title Tag, depending on your industry/location, should look something like: “Black Friday Deals on Fireplaces in Charlotte | Your Company Name”

Your Meta Description plays a big role in click conversions and should include your main keywords as well as any pertinent details of your sales event as people will be able to see this text in the search engine results in Google before they decide what link to click on.

Your Meta Description should look something like, “Black Friday Deals on Fireplaces in Charlotte. All major brands on sale. Free delivery with purchase.”

Include Your Main & Tertiary Keywords in Content

BF Content For Pages

Use your main and tertiary keywords in the content of your pages.   So when you're fleshing out the content for your Black Friday or Cyber Monday pages, you want to make sure that you're using your main keyword that you've researched as well as any tertiary keywords that you can include as well.

Adding a main keyword and several tertiary keywords on the page will give you the ability to rank not only for your main keyword, but related tertiary keywords as well. It also gives Google stronger signals on what the page is about and will help Google better understand your page.

So if your main keyword is, “Black Friday deals on fireplaces” then your tertiary keywords could be, “Black Friday deals on gas fireplaces”, “Black Friday deals on wood fireplaces”, “Black Friday deals on electric fireplaces”, etc.  You can also include specific brands you are selling as well. Asking and answering common questions is also a great strategy for adding relevant content to these pages.

Adding all of this additional content to your Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages and organizing the content will give you more content on the page than your competitors and will also help Google better understand the page and give you more opportunities to rank for different types of search queries related to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Optimize Your Images

Image SEO Black Friday

Images on your page that are tagged properly can improve the SEO of your page and help it to rank higher in Google.

Make sure that you're adding your keywords to your file name, your image title, your alt tags, things like that. So if you create a Black Friday graphic for your page for your fireplace sale, then it can look something like this:

File Name: Black Friday Fireplace Sale

Image Title: Black Friday Sale on Fireplaces in Charlotte

Alt Tag: Black Friday Sale on Fireplaces in Charlotte

You should do this for every image that you add to the page. Adding several images not only gives you additional content to optimize for SEO, it makes the page more visually appealing and will help increase conversions on the page.  So if you include an image for a specific fireplace brand, it should be tagged something like:

File Name: Black Friday Dimplex Fireplace Sale

Image Title: Black Friday Sale on Dimplex Fireplaces in Charlotte

Alt Tag: Black Friday Sale on Dimplex Fireplaces in Charlotte

If you plan on creating new graphics for the page each year then you can also add the year to your title, tags and file names as well.

Link From Your Homepage & Get External Links

Having your Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages published and indexed by Google is a great start but you may need some links in order to push it onto the first page of Google.  For some businesses just having the pages up may be enough to rank it high in Google, but most likely you'll need to do a little bit of link building to get it to rank on the first page of Google.

You'll want to focus on internal links from your own website as well as external links from 3rd party websites.

As soon as you're ready to start promoting your sales event, make sure you link to it from your home page. Your homepage traditionally is the strongest page from an SEO standpoint on your website and linking from it gives it a bit of an SEO boost and also lets Google know that you consider this page to be important, since your are linking to it from your homepage.

Once you have done that you want to see about getting some links from other websites as well.  The nice thing is if you have good deals for Black Friday, there's lots of deal sites, forums and online groups (like Facebook Groups related to deals or your industry) where you can go to promote your Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages. So do your research, figure out where you can go and share you Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages. There are many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal sites online where you may be able to post them yourself or you may be able to submit them for approval.

Once your pages are live you want to share it as much as you can online.  There are many people and websites that search online for deals/sales to share with their audiences so the more you share it the more likely it will get picked up by various places promoting Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

If you spend time promoting your pages and getting some links, the value will compound over time. So the links that you get this year will help you for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday events next year. And as you get more and more links, these pages will get stronger and stronger each year.


Get Started With Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pages Now

So hopefully these tips will help you rank your Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages on the first page of Google and start driving some high quality traffic year after year. The most important point is to start now, don't wait until the last minute, and use the same pages year after year so you have time to grow these Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages into SEO powerhouses.

If you want to learn more about how your can improve your SEO, sales and conversions, you can contact me here.

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