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Mr Productivity

Mr Productivity

I love to read, more specifically I love to read quality business books.  As a small business owner I feel like I am always short on time and can barely skim over a two page article let alone a 300+ page book.  I was speaking about this subject with a friend of mine who owns several small businesses and he suggested audio books to me.  A light went on in my head.  I commute nearly 30 minutes to and from my business each day, what a way to make more productive use of my time.  Instead of earning my graduate degree in 80’s Hair Band lyrics, I was inside my own mobile classroom..  Fast forward 24 months and 48 audio books later.  Today I feel like a knowledge sponge, having listened to books I otherwise never would have had time to read.  I have even expanded into awesome business pod casts and audio lectures.

Who would have known a simple suggestion would have opened up a whole new world of learning for me, I even discovered that i'm an auditory learner, making audio books even more impactful.  I learned two things from this experience. #1, when you meet a successful person, pester them (in a good way) about everything they know. #2, to become a success at anything, you need to have an obsession for it and a hunger to learn more.

Sites like make it super easy and inexpensive to download and listen to audio books. Becoming more productive can lead you on a road to small business success. Give it a try, you may give yourself an MBA education during your once boring commute this year.

How do you make productive use of your time as a small business owner?

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