Local Marketing Plan

Become The Dominant Online Presence In Your Local Market

Establishing a local online presence means to concentrate your online efforts to a specific geographic area such a city or neighborhood that your business serves.  Unlike traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your main concern is to get great visibility in the search engines for the area your business serves.  Sometimes this is referred to as Local SEO.

When someone performs a search for a product or business with a local intent, such as “pizza in Charlotte” or plumbers in Toronto”, the search engines understand this person is looking in a specific area so they will try and serve that person a local search result.  If you live in Charlotte and need a pizza, getting a result for a pizza parlor in Atlanta is a waste of time, and the search engines understand this.

While Local SEO is similar to traditional SEO, there are several differences.  With Local SEO, customer reviews, online citations and geographically relevant links play a much bigger role in your success.

Traditional local advertising like the Yellow Pages and print media are not nearly as effective as they used to be, just ask other business owners in your area.  The reason is that everyone is online and they use the internet to get information, to shop and to search for businesses just like yours.