InVideo: The Best Video Creator Software For Your Money

If you look at your Facebook stream or check your Instagram feed, you'll see that video has dominated the social media scene.

More and more business are turning to video as a core part of their marketing strategy, and for good reason.

72% of consumers would like to learn about a new product or service via video according to a Hubspot survey.

A recent survey from Google shows that 60% of consumers would rather watch a video than TV.

It's clear that consumers would rather watch a 30 second video about your product or service than read a 1,000 word blog post.  For the most part, attention spans are short and the best way to convey the value of your business in less than 30 seconds is with a video.

So we know that video is important, yet many small businesses have yet to embrace it.  Some fear getting in front of a camera, others still think that it is very expensive to create quality videos.  That's not accurate as you'll see in a moment.

Video can and should be a core part of your online marketing strategy.  From video advertisements, to a Youtube channel, to engaging social media posts, you really need to embrace video marketing.

I want to introduce you to a great video creator platform called InVideo

What is InVideo?

InVideo is video creator software that lets you create all kinds of beautiful video no matter your experience or skill level.  It is hosted online so you can use the software anywhere and from any computer.  With InVideo, you can create professional grade video for your online ad campaigns or high quality video shorts for social media.  Their media template library and ease of use makes it the perfect fit for any business  looking to get started with video marketing.

InVideo is not full fledged video editing software, so if you were looking to do advanced video editing or need to repair video footage, then this is not for you.  But if you want something quick, easy, yet powerful to create awesome looking social media videos or short videos for your website and other platforms, then InVideo is a great choice for your video marketing needs. For a fully hosted video software problem, it is surprisingly fast and responsive, which can be an issue when trying to create/edit video on a hosted platform.

InVideo has over 100 video templates organized into several different categories.  The software also includes an extensive image and audio library to choose from and add more every month, but you are always free to upload your own media assets as well.


So what can you do with InVideo?

Creating High Quality Marketing Videos

You can use InVideo to create promotional videos for  social media or for your website. InVideo has made video production extremely quick and inexpensive. It has enabled us to make more videos compared to what we used to do in the past.  Some things you can use InVideo for:

  • Promotional videos on social media
  • Client testimonial videos
  • Storytelling videos about your brand
  • Instagram stories
  • And more, see below for more ideas and features!

Convert Blog Posts To Video In Seconds

As someone who primarily writes blog posts rather than create video (this is changing rapidly), it would be great to get extra mileage out of my 500+ blog posts and turn some of them into video shorts.  InVideo has a special feature that does just that.  Just add the url to your blog post and InVideo instantly creates a video template for you.  The video below was created in less than 3 minutes using InVideo.  Yeah, it can be better but I wanted to show you what can be done with literally no work.  And since Invideo is fully customizable, I can go back and make this as fancy as I want.

Create Video Ads

If you hire someone to create a video ad for your business, you'll be spending several hundred dollars for a basic video.  Why not make your own video advertisements for just a few dollars?  And you can make as many as you want.  Creating video ads is a lot easier than you think, especially when using one of several templates InVideo has available.

Create Listicles

Who doesn't love listicles?  You see them all the time on social media, those cool looking list type videos…..I bet you never realized how simple they are to make.  With InVideo, you can create a beautiful listicle video in just a few minutes using one several templates which you can customize as much as needed.


Pricing is reasonable compared to competitors and for the rich feature set.  There is a free plan so you can test drive the software with paid plans starting at $20 a month.  For larger organizations and agencies, there is an Enterprise plan that allows you multiple brand presets and users.

Things I Like About InVideo

  • InVideo has a very active Facebook Group for customers where they actively participate in the conversations.
  • InVideo fast with updates and new features.  When I say fast I mean new features pushed out weekly.
  • It is simple to make high quality videos yet offers full customization.
  • Lots of templates to choose from and more added every month.
  • Pricing plans are very reasonable, they even have a free plan so you can try before you buy

Things That Can Be Improved

  • More industry specific templates, though they add more all the time.
  • Only 720p resolution until you get to the Professional plan
  • Video time limit is 3-minutes (which is usually more than enough for most video types) until you get to the Enterprise plan.

The Verdict

InVideo does exactly what it says it does, which is to create high quality videos with ease and without technical video know-how.  It is a fully hosted platform which means you can use InVideo anywhere and on any computer.  I think the biggest benefit is that you have the ability to create high quality videos in-house and at scale.  Imagine being able to publish a new video everyday on social media or even several times a day.  You can do this with InVideo.  And if you are a media company or marketing agency with clients, InVideo will allow you to create client videos at scale.

For the money, there isn't a better choice right now when it comes to creating high quality videos for your brand without the need for video expertise.

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CEO at 3Bug Media
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