How To Cut Your Printing In Half With iPrint


Printing documents from our computer is great for when we need to read documents offline, but don't you hate wasting all of that paper for something you will probably throw away after reading? In an effort to reduce costs and become more environmentally friendly, there are many tools that can help us cut down the number of pages we use when printing. The tool i'm going to highlight today is called iPrint, by Inzone Software.

iPrint  is a virtual printer driver that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.  iPrint is a completely free printing management solution that does five important tasks for any print job –

  • iPrint scans your document and can delete empty pages with a single click.
  • iPrint enhances productivity by letting you group together multiple documents into a single print. From there, unwanted pages are automatically removed and any additional changes can be made.
  • iPrint saves you tons of paper if you regularly print out reams of documents, they also let you know how much paper and money you saved.
  • iPrint lets you setup multiple pages (one, two or four pages)to be printed on a single sheet of paper. Pages are automatically scaled down and fitted on the sheet.
  • iPrint works for any document of any format.

Although iPrint will only allow up to four pages per sheet, in reality, any more and you would need a magnifying glass to read the text.

iPrint installs as a virtual printer driver, so you can access it from any application that has a Print command. It installs itself as one of your printer options, you can even select it as the default printer in Windows. The document we will be using today is a section from our Small Business Playbook's operations manual.

The first thing you will want to do is download the program from

Sign Up For iPrint

The next thing we will want to do is open our document and select print. iPrint should now be one of your printer choices

Select iPrint As Your Printer

Save paper with iPrint

After selecting the iPrint option and hitting “print”, iPrint will ready the document so you can select your printing options. You will notice that you have the option to select one, two or four to a page layout. We will select two.

Select # Documents To A Page

Save Paper With iPrint

You can delete specific pages from printing by double clicking on that page. It will then become highlighted in red. Double click again to undo. If a page is empty or contains only a heading or footer as text, iPrint will automatically select that page for deletion. Just double click once again if you would like to print that page.

Delete Selected Pages

Saving Paper with iPrint

Once you have have finished selecting your print options, simply select the drop down box in the upper right hand corner to select your printer of choice and hit print.

Select Your Printer

Save paper with iprint

Paper Saved!

Save money every moth with iprint

As you can see, instead of printing this document on 20 pages, we reduced it to 10, resulting in a 50% decrease in our printing paper use! Imagine over the course of a month, or even a year, how much paper (and money) you could save. On a small note, Microsoft Word does allow you to print multiple pages onto a single sheet of paper, so you do have that option for Word documents, but iPrint allows printing multiple pages on any document and it's really easy to do.
Do you have any tips on saving paper, share them in the comments below!


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