Yelp, Your Online Customer Service Department

Increase Your Customer Base With Yelp Online As a small business…
Online Advertising PPC

Dropbox, A Free And Easy Way To Organize Your Files

As a small business owner, being able to organize and keep track…

Five Tips That Go Beyond The Resume When Hiring

  Everyone knows how to write a resume, or knows someone…

How Great Leaders Inspire

People do not follow you because what you offer, they follow you because of why you are offering it and how it relates to them on a deep personal level. People are looking for inspiration, not features.

From Good to Great

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Sometimes we all need a little boost of inspiration

Automatic Follow-ups for Your Email

Have you ever sent an email to someone asking them to complete a task or do you a favor? What usually happens after that email has been sent? For me it's usually one of the following; 1- I keep the original email in my inbox as a reminder to eventually follow up with them 2- I set a reminder on my Google Calendar to follow up 3- I totally forget about the matter and hope that they follow through with my email request

Utilizing Kiosks to Aid in Small Business

You have probably used a computer kiosk to check in at an airport, and maybe you appreciated how it cut your time waiting in line. Perhaps you have seen one of these freestanding computer stations at the big retailers or mega-stores where they are becoming more common for submitting employment applications or providing help in locating an item. But have you ever considered that this same high-tech kiosk could be useful in your much smaller business too?