5 Lead Generation Mistakes Contractors Make

5 Lead Generation Mistakes Contractors Make

Most contracting companies rely heavily on lead generation, especially online lead generation through their website and various other properties like Google My Business.  Since a single project can be worth tens of thousands of dollars, a single lead is very valuable in the home improvement space.

The problem is that most general contractor websites lack many of the elements needed to help turn a casual website visitor into a solid lead for their business.  Making one or two of these mistakes can have a negative effect on your lead generation but making several of these mistakes can bring your lead generation plans to a grinding halt.

The good news is that these are pretty easy fixes that can have a big impact on your lead generation and website conversions.  So take a look at these common mistakes general contractors make when it comes to lead generation then you can evaluate your own website to see if you are making any of these.

Missing Call To Action (What's Next?)

Missed opportunities can be a real drag on your lead generation and your business.  And failing to add a clear to call to action in your content is a clear missed opportunity.  When a visitor to your website, who is also a potential customers, finished reading a blog post or a service page on your website, do you offer next steps for the reader?

Many contractors assume when a person is finished reading the content they will naturally understand what they are supposed to do next.  They are wrong.  These people do may not even know you are a general contractor in their area, they may assume it is just a general blog.  It is your job to direct the reader as to what they should do next.

On every blog post, service page, and any other important page on your website, there should be a clear call to action as to what they should do next.  That can be to schedule a consultation, download a guide, call you, or whatever action you would like them to take.

Having a clear call to action and making it easy for them to take the next step is an easy and effective way to increase your conversions.

Lack Of Social Proof

You may be one of dozens of contractors in your area.  How do people know you are any better than the other contractors out there?  Most people look to online reviews and other forms of social confirmation to help them decide who is the best business for their needs.

You may have great Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and more, but if someone is on your website (where you want them to be) and you are not showcasing these positive reviews, how are they supposed to know how great you are?  Don't assume they have seen your various online reviews before visiting your website.

When someone is on your website and deciding if they should contact you or not, social proof can be the deciding factor in their decision making processes.  Help people make the decision to contact you buy including social proof on important pages of your website, which can be just about any page.

Your homepage, services pages, contact page and blog posts are important pages where you should be letting people know how highly rated you are.

A Single Service Page

Having all of your services listed on a single service page.  This is a common SEO mistake and is most likely costing you leads and conversions on your website.  From an SEO perspective, when you list multiple topics on a single page it is very difficult for Google to categorize it properly in the search results, so usually pages like this end up ranking for nothing.  From a conversion perceptive, if someone was interested in a kitchen remodel, having your kitchen services one of several options on the page is going to convert much less than a dedicated kitchen remodel page.

As a contractor you will be offering several different types of services and you should have a dedicated service page for each of these services.  It'll give you a much better chance to rank for that service in Google and will give a much better experience for potential customers as they navigate your website.

Your service page is often the page where people are deciding if they should contact your or not so each of these service pages should provide a robust experience for the visitor.  Think and treat each service page as a landing page, one that has all of the elements needed for the reader to make a decision to contact you.

Missing Visuals

Contracting services are perfect for visuals.  So if you are missing beautiful visuals throughout your website then you are seriously missing out on possible conversions on your website.  Who is going to be inspired on a kitchen remodel service page if there are no visuals to inspire them?

Courtesy: Element Home Remodeling

Visuals not only enhance the page but they will also draw out the emotions of the reader and persuade them to want to act.  Images of beautiful kitchens on a kitchen remodel service page can easily double your conversion rates.  It can also show the visitor the quality work you can deliver for them.

Add lots of high quality visuals to your website and show them visually why you should be their contractor of choice.

No Project Gallery

Many contractors are missing these pages on their website.  Either they lack the quality images to display or they are simply not organized enough to create project pages.  If you have project pages on your website related to each of your service, they will be some of the most visited pages on your website.

If someone is about to invest $100K+ on a home addition project you better believe they will want to see visuals of similar work you have done in the past.  If you have a proper project page in place, not only can you show them you work, you can also explain the details of the project and give them a chance to see how you work.

Project galleries should be organized according to the services you offer.  So if you offer bathroom remodeling, then you should have a bathroom remodeling project page to showcase past work.  You can link to the project pages directly from the service pages as proof that you are a quality and professional contractor who has experience with this type of work.

Creating project pages is easy to do, you just need to have some pre-panning in place, where you make sure to take high quality images of your current projects and write down some of the key details of the project so you can add them later to the website.  Think of every project you are currently working on as a marketing opportunity for future projects.

Increase your lead generation and conversions

The good news is that all of the above mistakes are very easy to correct and when you add them all up, they can make a dramatic improvement to the lead generation and conversions on your website.  Want to learn more about how you can generate more leads online with your contractor website?  Contact us here.

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