Small Business Owners Can Now Target By Zip Code With Facebook Advertising

Small business owners wishing to target potential Facebook customers can now target customers in specific Zip Codes. The new targeting option will be available to via Facebook’s Power Editor and Ads Manager self-service tools.

Originally reported by Politico, Facebook has since acknowledged the new feature.

Previously only able to target potential customers by country, state or province, can now direct ads and sponsored stories to users in more localized areas.  This new feature will allow small business owners a much better way to target their trade area than previously on Facebook.  You will now be able to select certain neighborhoods instead of having to serve ads to the entire town or city, making your advertising campaign that much more efficient.

Small Business owners can now target by zip code on Facebook

“With the addition of zip code targeting, local advertisers have more reason than ever to spend on Facebook.,” Inside Facebook reports.

Is your small business advertising on Facebook?  Now that small business owners have the ability to target ads to select Zip Codes in their area, Facebook advertising has become much more appealing for them.  By doing some customer demographic research for their area, business owners can really take advantage of this new feature and target potential customers in their area.


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