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What To Do When You Are Locked Out of WordPress Admin (wp-admin)

If you've ever gone to login to your WordPress powered site and saw the white screen of death or similar error, you know what a stomach dropping experience that can be.  Check out this list of causes for you login troubles and how to fix each one.

What You Should Put In Your WordPress Blog’s Sidebar

Most WordPress sites have a sidebar on them.  Some sites do a great job with their sidebar, others turn it into a junkyard of nonsense that offers little value to the reader.  Check out these tips on how to make the most of your sidebar.

Enable Google Analytics for Your WordPress Site with Dashboard Statistics

While the standard Jetpack plugin stats counter offers an easy view of your visitor stats, it fails in comparison to the depth you can reach with Google Analytics.  Check out this article on how to enable Google Analytics in your WordPress dashboard.

Create a Free Restaurant Website with WordPress and HappyTables

If you're a restaurant or maybe even a food truck, check out this article on how to turn your WordPress website into a powerhouse restaurant website using Happy Tables.

What is the Best Permalinks Structure for WordPress?

Though the latest versions on WordPress have made creating custom permalinks alot easier, many people are still a little confused as to which structure they should use.  Both from an SEO and a user standpoint.  Check out this article for suggestions on what type might be best for your website.

11 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins For Every WordPress Installation

Check out these 11 plugins that every WordPress user should consider.  While each of these plugins have some perfectly good alternatives, you can't really go wrong if you stick with these choices.

Add Charts and Diagrams to Your WordPress Posts and Pages with Easy Chart Builder

If you've ever wanted to add custom tables or charts (or anything custom for that matter) to a WordPress, you know that WP can be a pain (and often maddening) at times.  Check out this plugin that lets you insert charts into your posts and pages without driving you crazy.
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