WordPress Weekly Roundup

This week in the WordPress Roundup……..

How to Put WordPress in Safe Mode For Quick Troubleshooting

The Safe Mode plugin allows you to load your website without plugins and with the default theme…..after your WP site crashes.  Just add an extension to the url to activate Safe Mode.  Really useful tool and saves time from de-activating and testing each plugin one at a time.

What’s Coming in WordPress 3.5 

A preview and some screenshots of WordPress version 3.5, which will be coming out in a few weeks.

How to Add Pinterest's Buttons & Widgets to Your Website

Pinterest recently released a slew of new widgets and buttons to add to your website.  Hubspot gives a breakdown of the one's available for your site.

Create, Manage, and Charge for Events with the Events + Plugin

Run events for your business or organization?  Instead of sending your visitors to a 3rd party website like Eventbrite, why not keep them on your own site.  Events+ plugin lets you setup and register events right from your WordPress site.

How to Automate WordPress and Social Media with IFTTT

IFTTT is a great tool, it lets you perform an action, which then triggers a series of actions based on what “recipe” you cook up.  This post shows you how you can use WordPress, Social Media, and IFTTT to cook up some cool stuff.

Membership Site Tips: How To Build A Successful WordPress Membership Site

Ever wanted to create a membership site on your WordPress powered website?  This post from WordPress Arene gives a nice overview of what a membership site is as well as several plugin options you can use.

Jetpack 2.0 Adds Free CDN for Images, Publicize and Post By Email Features

Do you have a website or blog that hosts lots of images?  Have too many high resolution images could slow down your website and negatively affect your SEO.  Jetpack 2.0 adds a free CDN network (courtesy of WordPress.com) for your self hosted blog.  JetPack keeps getting more and more useful.

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