5 Ways Your Small Business Can Use QR Codes


Do you know how to incorporate QR codes into your small business marketing plan?

QR codes are becoming quite popular. You can spot them pretty much anywhere, from large billboards to the stick of deodorant in your bathroom. As more and more people are adopting smart phones, QR codes can become a powerful part of your marketing mix. If you’re unsure about how to go about creating a marketing strategy for mobile platforms, QR codes is an easy way to get started.

Below are 5 easy ways that you can start incorporating QR codes into your marketing mix. 

QR Codes on Brochures


Adding QR codes to your informational brochure is pretty common these days.The mistake most people make is simply sending people to the website’s home page instead of a dedicated landing page that is optimized for mobile display. Tip……Smartphones are not really meant to surf the web, hence the wide-spread use of mobile applications that take the place of traditional web surfing on a smart phone. Instead of sending visitors to a generic web page on your website, why not create a special (optimized for mobile) landing page where you can:

  • Show them a video of your product or service in action. Visuals like this are perfect for smart phones.
  • Show a customer testimonial or a 30 second collage of customer testimonials. Social proof in action!
  • A digital version of the brochure


Place a QR Code In Your Storefront Window


Place a 12 inch by 12 inch QR code window cling on your front window. Why? People walking past your shop off hours can scan your window cling and instantly see:

  • “The top ten reasons you should come back tomorrow”
  • A special message from you, the business owner
  • A downloadable coupon that can be redeemed within 24 hours

Use QR Codes Alongside Your Products


Whether on the product itself, or on the informational card below it, QR codes can provide additional information about the product like:

  • Reviews of the product from 3rd party websites
  • A video or written customer testimonial of the product
  • Fact sheet or FAQ on the product
  • Video demonstration of the product

Business Cards


Business cards are the perfect place to turn a traditionally lame custom of trading business cards (think networking events and conventions) into a potential powerhouse of a marketing tool. Some things things you can do with a QR code on your business card:

  • Let people download a V-card version of your card directly to your mobile phone. People will love you for not having to type all of your information into their phone with their thumbs!
  • Give away free information via your QR code like an E-Book or White Paper
  • Have a mobile sign up form that is mobile friendly
  • Have your QR code open to a custom video greeting….from you!

Print QR Codes On Stickers


Online custom printing services like Moo.com make it easy for you to create cool looking QR stickers that you can place virtually anywhere. What are some things you can do with your stickers?

  • Place QR stickers on your printed brochures that were created before you found out about QR codes
  • Place them on the back of envelopes you send to your best customers, when they scan it, it’s a personal thank you message from you
  • Running a contest? Temporarily place them on your printed marketing materials to help promote the contest
  • Running a joint promotion with another business? Instead of printing up special brochures, add a quick message along with a QR code on a sticker and place it on their brochures

You Can Get Really Creative With QR Codes

As you can see, there are hundreds of possibilities when it comes to using QR codes for your business. The best way to get started is to pick one of the above and do it! QR codes work best when they are interactive and fun for your customers so keep that in mind when creating them. QR creating services like Delivr let you create QR codes quickly, easily and for free. If you register for a free account with Delivr, you can change the destination URL of your QR code, allowing you to use the same QR code over and over again for different promotions.

What are some of the ways you’re using QR codes for your business?


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