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The Small Business Toolbox #93

The Small Business Toolbox is your place to find free and low-cost software and services to help grow your business.

The resources I post are usually easy to use and will provide some value to your business. All of the tools are ones that I either currently use or have used in the past. I don't go into much detail here so I encourage you to take some time and explore each one to see if it will be of help to your business.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for tools, you can contact us here.

Crashplan – This service has been around a long time and is great for backing up your data.  They have a free plan that allows you to backup all of your computers to any computer or hard drive you own, even off-site.  Just install the software and it will automatically backup your computers at scheduled times.  They also have a few cloud backup options for a small monthly fee.

AppSumo – My favorite place to buy steeply discounted marketing, design, and business software.  Many offers are lifetime deals for less than $50 that normally cost almost that much per month.  They also have lots of free stuff that they give away on an ongoing basis.  Some of the deals they offer are amazing, I have purchased over 40+ deals over the past few years.

EpicBeat – Find trending content in different niches and by using keyword search. Also, find influencers in any category.  Great tool for doing research in your niche, finding out what is popular and who the main players are in your industry.  Free and paid options available with paid option offering a plugin for your WordPress website for super easy content curation.

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