7 Keys To Successfully Running a Small Business

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7 Keys To Successfully Running a Small Business

Small business and marriage have a lot in common, both have a pretty high failure rate (about 50%) and many of the ones that are still running, aren’t particularly happy with its current state.  Yet, there are a small number that thrive and get stronger as time goes on.  These small businesses (and marriages) have figured out how to overcome … Read More

How To Get an Entry Level Marketing Job

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How To Get Entry Level Marketing Job

Are you looking for an entry level marketing job? Maybe you’re close to finishing university and starting to look at the current job market or you’re switching careers and want to get into marketing.  In either case, you probably know by now that the competition for marketing jobs is fierce. And when I mean marketing jobs, I don’t mean marketing … Read More

5 Signs Your Business Is On a Road To Nowhere

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Road to nowhere

Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere with your business? Have you lost momentum and now feel like you’re just spinning your wheels? In your first year or two of business, the enthusiasm is high, optimism is at its peak, and you can overcome most obstacles with sheer will.  That first year is awesome, scary and a roller coaster ride … Read More

How To Create An Operations Manual For Your Business

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How Create Operations Manual for Business

Having a written plan is important to any business, big or small.  Putting the standards you set for yourself and your business on paper will not only help you create consistency for your business, it will help you to avoid a pitfall that many small business owners face;  Being able to maintain the quality the business owner has set for the … Read More

5 Things a Small Business Owner Will Never Tell You

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Starting and running your own business is hard…..really hard.  Some days in fact you may question why you ever made the entrepreneurial leap of faith.  Having your own business is alot like riding a roller coaster, lots of highs and lows, and sometimes you may get queasy. Anyone that has their own business has, at times, experienced the freedom and … Read More

The Ten Keys To Success In Your Business And Life

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Finding success in your business requires many skills and talents.  Starting and running a business is like riding a roller coaster, you have to be ready to handle the climbs and drops without losing your lunch.  The ten keys to success I’ve written below apply not only to your business, but your life as well.  I’m sure you recognize everything … Read More

7 Signs You Should Not Start A Business

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Starting and running your own business requires many skills and talents, much more than you need when working for someone else.  Most people that start a business  are quickly overwhelmed when the avalanche of demands that a business requires of its owner comes crashing down on them. That weight and accompanying stress can really take a toll on you. From … Read More

Enloop: A Free And Easy Way To Create A Business Plan

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Creating a business plan can be a daunting task for a first time business owner. Creating financial projections, an operational plan and a management team profile before you even start your business can seem a little overwhelming. Unfortunately, if you will be seeking funding, a properly written business plan is a must.  Even if you’re not seeking formal financing, you should still … Read More

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business


Everyone dreams about starting their own business.  Who doesn’t want to be their own boss?  Who wouldn’t love to tell their current boss to “get lost, I’m outta here!”.  Just the thought is liberating, though almost everyone who dreams of it will never do it. Taking the leap of faith, leaving a secure career (is it really secure?) and venturing … Read More