The Small Business Owners Guide to E-Commerce

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There’s a whole world of commerce  happening outside of your local brick and mortar store.  People that live right around the corner from your location are buying the same product that’s sitting on your shelf from a person half way around the world.  Why?  Because they can. Welcome to the world of E-Commerce. People just love to buy stuff online, … Read More

How Do I Get Traffic To My Website?

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Good Question.  If you’re a new business or one that’s just starting to focus on online marketing, this is a good question to get you started in the brainstorming process so you can decide which marketing channels will work best for you. You probably shouldn’t try to do everything, but focus your efforts on just a few and expand as … Read More

Does Facebook Advertising Work For Small Business?

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Does advertising on Facebook really work? Yes and no.  For most small businesses, probably more on the “no” side.  That is, unless you really know what you are doing when it comes to creating an effective advertising campaign. I had 6 people email me last week asking if advertising on Facebook was a waste of time.  I thought it would … Read More

5 Mistakes That Kill Website Conversions

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Your website sucks. Ok, maybe it doesn’t totally suck, but from a conversion standpoint it does. Most business owners dream of a website that drives sales, either on their website or in their stores.  Unfortunately the majority of business owners are left with a website that acts as more of an online brochure than a sales machine. Why is that? … Read More

How To Get More Online Customer Reviews

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Nothing eases your concerns about purchasing from a new business than reading real life customer reviews of that company. built a multi-billion dollar company off of the concept.  Social proof is key when it comes to tipping prospective customers into actual paying customers.  It’s nice when loyal customers take it upon themselves to leave you a glowing online review, but did … Read More

Get The Most Out Of Your Linkedin Profile

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LinkedIn has come a long way from it’s early days as a job board and networking site for business professionals. Over the last few years they have become a powerhouse of a social platform.  Today their home page looks more like a business version of Facebook and they are adding more social features on a regular basis.  Out of all … Read More

The Future of Advertising for Small Business

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Are you a business owner who feels like your wasting your money on advertising for your business? If you’re advertising the way it’s always been done, you probably are.  Advertising for small business has changed and the old rules from the old guard just don’t work anymore. Trying to figure out what advertising works and what doesn’t is a major … Read More

Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign for your Small Business

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Email campaigns can be tricky, especially for small business owners. Although the internet and SEO practices are slowly changing the way companies do business, the basics—like relationship building—are still essential for local and small businesses. How to use email marketing to your benefit Consider yourself, chances are you don’t appreciate telemarketers calling you or spam reaching your inbox. Chances are, … Read More

7 Things That Matter Most in a Website: The SEO Perspective

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So I’m going to guess you’ve heard about SEO before. Probably through spam mails that (still) claim to give you #1 rank in 3 days.   And I’ll not be surprised to hear if you’ve fallen for some, ending up having a terrible, terrible experience. That’s because, like any other industry, there’re bad apples in our industry as well.   … Read More

Free Website Satisfaction Surveys From Google

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Want to conduct a free visitor satisfaction survey for your website?  Google is giving one to webmasters for free through it’s Google Consumer Surveys product. Google introduced Google Consumer Surveys in 2012.  Starting at .10 cents a click, It’s a low cost way for businesses to conduct some pretty fast and inexpensive market research.  Now, Google has introduced Google Consumer … Read More