5 Ways To Connect With Your Customers



Do you give your customers a reason to connect with your business, to get excited about your business? Every business wants to have loyal and engaged customers, people who will buy from you simply because they love you and your business.  In order to do this, you need to give them a reason to feel this way. Some businesses wish … Read More

6 Ways To Sell Your Products Beyond Your Store Front



Running a business, especially one with a traditional store front is a lot of work.  Your overhead is high, you have to maintain your store, as well as physically man it during operating hours. The other thing is that there is only one place where people can buy your stuff…..at your store. But what if people want to buy from … Read More

The Secret Formula for Crafting Click Worthy Email Subject Lines



If you’re struggling with email subject lines – and who isn’t – here are a few tips to create ones that will entice recipients to open your email, read it and most importantly, act on it. The secret formula for subject lines has three ingredients: Define a clear, simple objective for your email Align subject line, email content and landing … Read More

You Can’t Automate Your Customer Relationships

GaryMarketing, Operations

An acquaintance of mine called me last week for some advice. Usually when someone asks you for advice, all they really want is for you to confirm to them what they have already decided on. This friend is in the insurance industry and wanted to know what technologies she can use to create stronger relationships with her best clients.  She … Read More

Using The Principals Of Persuasion For Your Business


How persuasive are you? Are you the type of business owner who can turn a random passer-by into a loyal customer with a 5 minute conversation, or do you struggle to effectively  convince potential customers to give you a try? Robert Cialdini, author of the bestselling book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion writes about 6 key principals of human behavior that can help … Read More

How To Earn More Referrals Every Month


Referrals are your best source of business.  They come with recommendation in hand, looking to do business with you based on the advice of someone they (hopefully) know and trust.  A wonderful source of business. Many professional services industries, like real estate agents and accountants,  live off of referrals from current and past clients. But what happens when you’re not … Read More

It’s Not About Price, It’s About Value

GaryMarketing, Operations

“How much?” As a business owner, you’ve heard this phrase hundreds, if not thousands of times from potential customers. How do you usually respond to this question?  Before you answer, you should first understand what that potential customer is really asking you. When they ask “How much”, what they are really asking you is “What will I gain if I … Read More

How to Create Mouthwatering Content when You’re Thirsty for Ideas


“An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.” – Gilbert K Chesterton For content marketers, generating new and compelling content can feel like an all-engulfing daily undertaking. Where do I start? What if I don’t have any good ideas? How can I be sure readers will like my topic? These are all the right questions. For small businesses looking to engage … Read More

How To Get More Online Customer Reviews

GaryInternet Marketing, Marketing

Nothing eases your concerns about purchasing from a new business than reading real life customer reviews of that company. Amazon.com built a multi-billion dollar company off of the concept.  Social proof is key when it comes to tipping prospective customers into actual paying customers.  It’s nice when loyal customers take it upon themselves to leave you a glowing online review, but did … Read More

Bulletproof E-commerce: Six Surefire Ways to Boost Engagement and Conversions


E-commerce arrived long ago, but it’s still pretty impressive to sit back and see how it’s progressing. According to a report by the U.S. Commerce Department, e-commerce sales grew by nearly 20% during the second quarter of 2013, rising from $54.7 billion to $64.6 billion over one quarter to the next. The massive boost in spending can be attributed to … Read More