How To Start Implementing Your Marketing Strategy Today

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How Implement Marketing Strategy Today

As a small business owner you have to assume many roles, from the chief marketing officer to the VP of Janitorial Services (e.g., cleaning the bathrooms).  With so much on your plate it can be difficult to find time to do what is probably the most important activity for your business, marketing. If you’re not an experienced marketer, which most … Read More

5 Places Where Your Business Is Leaving Revenue On The Table

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5 Places Where Your Business Is Leaving Revenue On The Table

Every business wants to generate more revenue.  More (and hopefully better) marketing is usually the solution to that, at least that is how most business owners see it.   What business owners don’t see is the mountain of revenue that goes untapped each year in their business.  Right in front of them, all around them, are opportunities to generate more … Read More

How To Get an Entry Level Marketing Job

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How To Get Entry Level Marketing Job

Are you looking for an entry level marketing job? Maybe you’re close to finishing university and starting to look at the current job market or you’re switching careers and want to get into marketing.  In either case, you probably know by now that the competition for marketing jobs is fierce. And when I mean marketing jobs, I don’t mean marketing … Read More

10 Reasons Online Marketing Is Smarter Than Traditional Marketing

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Online Marketing Outperforms Traditional Marketing

Is traditional marketing dead?  Sort of. There will always be a place for traditional marketing such as direct mailers, newspaper ads, etc……but using traditional marketing as your only source of marketing is as dead as the companies that continue to stubbornly refuse to embrace the internet. It’s like being alive in 1925 and still thinking automobiles are just a fad. … Read More

Five Steps to Conducting Great Marketing Research for Your Small Business


Small Business Market Research

We all know that conducting market research is crucial to a strong, well thought-out business and marketing plan, but with the plethora of information out there it’s tough to establish where to start and what to look for. Luckily, the marketing research process can be broken down into five simple and manageable steps: Define the Problem and Establish your Research … Read More

An Annual Marketing Timeline For Your Business [Free Download]


Annual Marketing Tiemline Excel Download Free

Creating a marketing plan for your small business is a must. Unfortunately most business owners go year after year without a formal marketing plan.  Each week they make “gut decisions” on how to market their business, and most experience poor results.  This sort of reactive marketing opens you up to poor decision making, deceptive sales practices from friendly ad salespeople … Read More

5 Ways To Connect With Your Customers


Do you give your customers a reason to connect with your business, to get excited about your business? Every business wants to have loyal and engaged customers, people who will buy from you simply because they love you and your business.  In order to do this, you need to give them a reason to feel this way. Some businesses wish … Read More

6 Ways To Sell Your Products Beyond Your Store Front


Running a business, especially one with a traditional store front is a lot of work.  Your overhead is high, you have to maintain your store, as well as physically man it during operating hours. The other thing is that there is only one place where people can buy your stuff… your store. But what if people want to buy from … Read More