Do Your Business Goals Align With Your Life Goals?

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Does your business free you to enjoy life or has it become a ball and chain than keeps you from doing what you really want in life? When you’re just starting to put together the ground work for a new business, before you start anything, you should sit down and think about your goals. Not your business goals, but your … Read More

What To Do When Your Business Gets Stuck

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Is your business stuck in a rut and you can’t seem to get out of it, no matter how hard you try? It seems like the harder you push, the more money you spend… just can’t seem to push the business forward. It’s not the business that’s stuck, it’s you. For small business owners, you and your business are tightly … Read More

3 Questions Great Managers Always Ask Themselves


You can work for a great company, but if you have a poor manager as your direct supervisor, you won’t be happy there. Same with school, you can be in a poor performing school but have an inspiring teacher that can inspire you to become a better person. It’s the person that is closest to you that affects you the … Read More

5 Little Life Tips from Big Name Entrepreneurs

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“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans” crooned John Lennon. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe you want to own a sustainable hobby farm, be a librarian or someday become the CEO of General Electric, there are principles that apply to everyone’s journey. Advice that comes from people who have accomplished their dreams can … Read More

Are You A Right Or Left Brain Thinker? [Infographic]

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As a business owner, do you know if you’re a Right or Left Brain Thinker?  Knowing more about the way you think will help in understanding yourself and why you prefer things the way you do.  It’ll also help to understand your employees better and help you to tailor your management style according to their personalities. The Infographic below is … Read More

5 Effective Tips for Creating Productive New Hires


Let’s face it, even in a booming economy, what company has the time to hire, train, and dedicate resources just to do it all over again in six months and for the same position!! Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes company’s need to part ways with an employee that is just not working out. Below, however, are five tips that … Read More

Are You A Great Manager?


Being a successful business owner means you need to be a good manager.  That is, unless you want to forever be a one employee company. Your ability to manage other people can mean the difference between being a slave to your business (you do everything, always), and having the freedom to use your time how you want (your employees mind … Read More

Five Tips That Go Beyond The Resume When Hiring


  Everyone knows how to write a resume, or knows someone who can. I think everyone can remember putting together their first resume, trying to emphasize the important life skills they learned working part time at the local movie theater or spending their Summers as a camp counselor while in school. With a little creativity and writing savvy, anyone can … Read More

How Great Leaders Inspire


People do not follow you because what you offer, they follow you because of why you are offering it and how it relates to them on a deep personal level. People are looking for inspiration, not features.

5 Tips to Manage Employees


Managing employees takes practice and patience. Being an effective manager is a skill that can be learned if you’re willing. According to the ground breaking book “First Break all the Rules”, people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. This is absolutely true as a great manager can turn even mediocre employees into fine tuned productivity machines. Below are my top five tips to start you on the road to becoming a great manager.