10 Reasons Online Marketing Is Smarter Than Traditional Marketing

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Online Marketing Outperforms Traditional Marketing

Is traditional marketing dead?  Sort of. There will always be a place for traditional marketing such as direct mailers, newspaper ads, etc……but using traditional marketing as your only source of marketing is as dead as the companies that continue to stubbornly refuse to embrace the internet. It’s like being alive in 1925 and still thinking automobiles are just a fad. … Read More

A Guide To Marketing Automation for Small Business

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Guide to Marketing Automation for Small Business

Do you ever wish you could know, besides a "gut feeling", that your marketing efforts are working? Are you failing to connect the dots between your marketing campaigns and company revenue?You're not alone.Trying to track revenue all the way back to the lead source is very difficult, even for businesses that pay close attention to their analytics. Somewhere along the … Read More

How To Do B2B Online Marketing The Right Way

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How To Do BtoB Marketing The Right Way

BtoB online marketing is much different than BtoC marketing.  While online marketing today allows you to reach a broad (but still targeted) audience at a cost effective price, BtoB marketing still takes targeted prospecting in order to reach your ideal audience.  While most online ad platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook advertising offer a wide range of targeting options, they … Read More

5 Effective Ways Lawyers Can Generate Leads Online

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How Lawyers can Generate Leads Online

Legal services is a very competitive space.  Just drive down a highway or search for a lawyer online and you will see how much money is being spent to acquire new clients. The big question is, do you need to spend big bucks and run mass advertising campaigns in order to acquire clients?  Maybe 10-15 years ago that was the … Read More

5 Website Metrics That Matter For Your Business

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Important Website Metrics For Business

Are you tracking what’s happening on your website?  If you own a business and you don’t know what’s happening on your website, a big fat shame on you. Your physical location may only see a few hundred people a month walking through its doors, but your website may be getting several thousand visitors a month.  Don’t you think it’s important … Read More

5 Lessons Your Business Can Learn From Franchising


How To Learn From Franchising

Franchises, you either love them or hate them. Some, like Michael Gerber (The E-Myth), love the systems-oriented philosophy of them, the ability to build a well-oiled machine that can be replicated over and over again.  Others, like Seth Godin, see them as a path to eternal mediocrity, never to produce anything beyond “ok” How about a middle ground? You can have … Read More

Small Business Toolbox: October Ninth


Jim Rohn Quote-You Must Either Modify Your Dreams or Magnify Your Skills

Each week I like to post useful tools and resources that you may be able to use for your business.  The resources I post here are either free or available at a low cost.I don’t go into much detail here, so feel free to check them out yourself and let me know what you think.  If you know of any … Read More

What Is Remarketing and How Does It Work?

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How Remarketing Work

Heard of remarketing as a marketing tool but not sure how it works? Remarketing can be a very effective advertising tool and something that can help give you more bang for your buck across all your marketing efforts. What is Remarketing? Remarketing (also called retargeting) is when you continue to market to one of your website visitors after they have … Read More