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How Great Leaders Inspire

People do not follow you because what you offer, they follow you because of why you are offering it and how it relates to them on a deep personal level. People are looking for inspiration, not features.

Automatic Follow-ups for Your Email

Have you ever sent an email to someone asking them to complete a task or do you a favor? What usually happens after that email has been sent? For me it's usually one of the following;

1- I keep the original email in my inbox as a reminder to eventually follow up with them

2- I set a reminder on my Google Calendar to follow up

3- I totally forget about the matter and hope that they follow through with my email request

Utilizing Kiosks to Aid in Small Business

You have probably used a computer kiosk to check in at an airport, and maybe you appreciated how it cut your time waiting in line. Perhaps you have seen one of these freestanding computer stations at the big retailers or mega-stores where they are becoming more common for submitting employment applications or providing help in locating an item. But have you ever considered that this same high-tech kiosk could be useful in your much smaller business too?

Why Announcing Your Personal Goals May Be A Bad Idea

Almost every business article you read about goal setting suggests that you tell anyone and everyone what your personal goals are. The reasoning is that the more people that know your goals, the more people you need to prove to that you can actually carry out that goal. Having lots of people who are ready to laugh at you when you don't reach your goals sounds like a great motivator for staying on track.

Why Small Business Networking Sometimes Doesn’t Work

As a small business owner with a traditional storefront there are numerous avenues for promoting and marketing your business. Many of the obvious ones such as newspaper ads, direct mail and radio/TV spots all share a common problem, they usually cost alot of money and there is usually a mediocre return on investment. Networking and cross promoting with other small businesses can be a great and inexpensive way to get the good word out about your business. Other small businesses may not feel the same zest for marketing success as you

How to Stay Organized

I have been on struggle street for years when it comes to organization for myself and my workspace. I usually run into the same problem most of us half-assed, partially organized people do. I start neat and orderly and slowly degrade into a rat's nest within a few weeks. I eventually get fed up and organize myself again only to repeat history time and time again. I have tried almost every method to organize myself one can think of, including PDA’s, a pocket full of post it’s and dozens of online to do lists and organizers.

5 Tips to Manage Employees

Managing employees takes practice and patience. Being an effective manager is a skill that can be learned if you’re willing. According to the ground breaking book “First Break all the Rules”, people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. This is absolutely true as a great manager can turn even mediocre employees into fine tuned productivity machines. Below are my top five tips to start you on the road to becoming a great manager.