3 Ways Businesses Can Create Engaging Images for Social Media

In order to maximize your marketing efforts and improve your engagement with customers online, it's important to understand the most effective ways to connect with your audience through social media.

In a world where competition for consumer attention is at an all-time high, including images are improving your business outlook by connecting with past, present and future customers online.

For example, did you know that status updates on social media that include photo are liked twice as much? Or that images are processed 60,000 times faster than text in the human brain?

Images allow you to connect your business with customers in a much better way than a wall of text ever could.

Show them why your business is so great, don't just tell them.

 Using Images Online

The time to start leveraging business images on your social media profiles is now.

But don't just go search Google for a somewhat relevant image that someone else created. Be original, don't be a copycat. Customers today want to connect with businesses that are authentic, transparent and engaging.

To help you get started, here are three tools for you to use in order to create custom images to use on your business social media accounts. To demonstrate how easy it can be, I've provided three original examples from these tools to help you see how easy it can be.

1. Instagram

This tool has been gaining popularity across the Internet and many different brands have found success using it. And because this mobile application can be synced to your Facebook and Twitter accounts it makes marketing on social media easy.

Try using Instagram to create artistic photos of your business and the products or services you offer. It's a great way to really show your target market the great things that you are doing on a daily basis.

Here's an example of how a restaurant could show off one of their delicious dishes.

 Instagram image of food

2. Memes

Taken from “me to me,” a meme is often a viral piece of content that gets passed from person to person quickly typically as a joke. However, businesses can take this trend and capitalize on it very easily by using sites like meme generator.

Meme's can help you promote your business and better connect with your customers without seeming too pushy. Try creating your own original business-related memes and share them online.

Below is an example of a meme that an auto shop could use to post on Facebook while linking to a coupon on their website.

Sample meme for auto repair shop

3. Infographics

While the marketing budget for your businesses may not allow you to sign $10,000 checks to design companies to create awesome infographics, there are many tools available for creating them yourself. Using these visualizations for your business is a great way to highlight multiple different pieces of information and wrap them all together.

You can use a variety of different tools to create infographics that are easily viewed and that share a message while increasing your brand awareness.

Here is an example of an infrographic created on Piktochart that a local restaurant could put together to highlight upcoming events or, for example, a Valentine's Day promotion.

Sample infographic

Grant Tilus works as an Inbound Marketer for Rasmussen College where he engages with past, present and future students over social media while also writing content for the School of Business Blog. Feel free to connect with him on Google+.


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